36 Hour Film Festival

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Short Films from 2015
Film Festival Trailer

"Locked In"

"Snack Time"

"The Hooded Man"



November 12 – 12:00 PM – Orientation
                              12:30 PM – Crash course in equipment usage.  Student may bring their own equipment.
                              1:00 PM – Constraints, rules and regulations are handed out. 
                              1:30 PM- Students are divided into groups (Directors, editors, cinematographers, actors)
                              2:00 PM- Students are grouped together in teams of at least 4.
                              2:30 PM- Pre-Production: Students brain storm ideas for their films and commence filming.
                              5:00 PM-Dinner provided. Pizza.
5:30 PM-Continue Production on films.
                              10:00 PM-Students will go home.
November 13-   8:00 AM- Morning worship. Short talk from guest speaker.
                              8:30 AM- Students begin post-production.
                              11:15 AM- Lunch served at SAA Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room
                              11:35 AM-Post production continues.
                              5:00 PM- Short film due. (max 2 minutes including credits)
                              5:15 PM- Students may go home to have dinner and wash up.
                              6:30 PM-Short film movie premier. SAA auditorium. Short interviews with filmmakers, short films by mentors (Emily                                    ​Mastrapa and others)
                              7:30 PM- go home.