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Doors open at 7:45. High school students may be dropped off at the high school entrance by the flag pole. High school classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and elementary and middle school begins at 8:15. Elementary/middle students should be dropped off at the entrance nearest the auditorium and not at the high school entrance for any reason. After 8:15 the auditorium entrance will be locked and students should be dropped off at the front elementary entrance. Elementary/middle students who arrive after 8:15 must sign in at the office before going to class. If you are walking your elementary student inside, please be prepared to refrain from entering the classroom after 8:15. High School students who arrive to school late for class must also sign in at the high school office.

Elementary/Middle dismissal Monday-Thursday is from 3:15-3:40 and on Friday from 1:45-2:10. Parents are given tags to put on the dashboard of their car and names will be called as the cars enter the parking lot and drive through for pick up. All elementary students remaining in the classroom at the end of dismissal will be taken to After School Care. High school students will wait in the high school lobby and watch for their ride. High school dismissal begins at 3:30 Monday – Thursday and 2:00 on Fridays.
There is no Before care for Pk-8th grade. Doors open at 7:45. Students should go to the entrance near the auditorium to meet a Staff member. After School Care is provided for Pre-K – 8th grade. It begins directly after dismissal and ends at 6:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. When Daylight Savings Time ends from November 4 to March 8, ASC will end at 4:00 p.m. on Friday. The time on Fridays will return to 5:00 p.m. after March 8.
Dial the direct ASC line at 240-883-3540.
ASC will be available on most 12:15 dismissal days. The days when there is no ASC are November 16, December 19, March 22, and April 10. Advance notice reminders will be given for the days that it will not be available.
No, students are to wait in the high school commons area until their ride has come. Students should remain there unless they are participating in an afterschool activity or under the supervision of a teacher or staff member. All students must exit the building Monday through Thursday by 6:00 p.m. unless they are participating in an afterschool activity or under the supervision of a teacher or staff member.
Students must be signed out when leaving before the end of the school day. For elementary and middle school students this must be by a parent or guardian. If the student returns from an appointment they must sign in. If a high school student is leaving before the end of the day, even if they only have a study hall remaining, they must sign out to avoid being marked absent. When students sign out they must leave the building.
Everyone should enter through one of the main entrances ONLY, once school is in session. For safety purposes all other entrances are off limits during the school day. Please stop by the office, sign in and get a visitor pass. Please sign out before you leave and exit through the main entrances.
If your child is sick, please call Terri Sheahin 301-421-9101 or email for Pre-K-8, or call Gigi Mattox at 240-883-3502 or email for high school by 8:30 a.m. to notify us that your child will not be attending school. Upon their return they should bring a note to the office explaining the reason for their absence. This may also be communicated via email by a parent or guardian.
Please fill out a Pre-Arranged Absence form with signatures of all teachers whose classes your child will miss. These must be turned in to the office at least one week before the date they will be missing school. This does not apply to medical/dental appointments which are excused with a note from the doctor or parent.
A student is not permitted to participate in any after school activities if they were absent for the day due to sickness.
SAA follows Maryland state guidelines which state that a student must be free of fever (100.4 or below), diarrhea or vomiting for a twenty-four hour period.
Email is the primary communication tool at SAA. Occasionally hard copy mail is sent. In cases of emergency, email text and phone calls will be made.
The Buzz, the weekly school newsletter, will be emailed to all students and parents and can be viewed on RenWeb. This will keep you informed on events as well as calendar changes. Middle School students and their families also receive the Mini Buzz in email form each week. Elementary teachers also communicate via email with parents.
All families will receive a phone call and/or a text message using RenWeb’s parent alert system. Additionally, SAA follows Montgomery County School closings for inclement weather. These notices are on network television as well as radio. Occasionally there will be a need to close school early due to a power outage or some other emergency. The alert process will be the same.
RenWeb is a vast source of information. You can keep track of attendance, grades, homework assignments, calendar and discipline. You can also view detailed information on your finances such as lunch, and After School Care.
SAA maintains a closed campus during the day. A student is only permitted to leave campus with parent permission and must sign out. If a student signs out during the school day to go home they are not permitted back on the campus during the school day. They can return for after school activities, provided that they have attended at least half of the academic day.
A high school student must have written permission from parents/guardians to ride with any other student at SAA. Students must also adhere to any laws or probation periods.
Contact the school nurse, Kari Banks at 240-883-3509.
Students will be cared for by the school nurse or office personnel. Any visit for such reasons will be recorded in RenWeb. Minor injuries will be treated and the student will return to class. If an injury is more serious, parents will be notified. If a child has vomiting, diarrhea or a fever, parents will be notified and the child will need to go home.
If it is an emergency call the school office. Otherwise, send an email, write a note or leave a voice mail with your child’s teacher to schedule an appointment to meet with them. Teachers should not be expected to stop teaching during school hours to have a conversation with parents so please make every effort not to interrupt them during the school day. This includes drop-off and dismissal time. Email is the best form of initiating communication.
Forms are available on the school website as well as the SAA office.
All volunteers 18 years of age and older who will be having direct interaction with students here at school or on field trips will need to complete online training with Verified Volunteers and complete a background screening. Instructions are available on the school website. For more information or clarification please contact Heidi Wetmore at
Fill out a Volunteer Driver Questionnaire. Chaperones driving their own vehicles must have $300,000 single limit and medical coverage.
SAA has initiated a bullying prevention program to ensure that all students feel safe and are able to succeed academically to their highest potential. The Olweus Bully Prevention Program is the best-known bullying prevention program available. To be most effective, SAA wants to include families in the bullying prevention efforts. By implementing this program, SAA is committed to reducing existing bullying problems among students, preventing new bullying problems, and achieving overall better peer relations at school. You can help by talking to your child about bullying and our school’s anti-bullying rules at home.

SAA’s Anti-Bullying Rules

1. We will not bully others.

2. We will try to help students who are bullied.

3. We will try to include students who are left out.

4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

Home & School is an organization comprised of dedicated parents who have a common goal of helping to ensure the success of this school in all capacities. Their mission is to promote the welfare of our children, encourage parent contribution of time, talent, and financial support for educational programs that directly benefit the students, and develop united efforts between faculty and parents. They accomplish these goals through a variety of initiatives, to include establishing a room parent network, supporting the administration at events throughout the year, and funding educational programs for the students. Fundraising is a central focus as well. Their efforts over the last several years have enabled the school to install Smartboards in every classroom and a new playground for grades five through eight. Keep your eyes and ears open for different ways you can contribute to fundraising efforts throughout the year … like the Safeway/Giant Bonus Card programs, Claire’s Gourmet, Fall Festival, 5 K Race, and Book Fair just to name a few. They also provide opportunities for social outlet (aka having fun) throughout the year. They communicate primarily through The Buzz and email. Make sure to check both places so you don’t miss out. Finally, they encourage you to get involved and support these efforts that really are designed to benefit the students at this school.
There are many opportunities for family service. Helping with Home & School events, chaperoning field trips, helping with the Spencerville Athletic Booster Club (SABC) and assisting the teachers with tasks are some of the most common ways. Often family service opportunities will be listed in The Buzz. Check with your child’s teacher to see if they need help with anything.
Forms are available online on SAA’s website or at either of the school offices. Record your hours and the dates of your service on the form and obtain the signature of the staff member or Home & School officer who was coordinating the hours of service. When the hours have been turned in they will be recorded in RenWeb.
Yes, a student is admitted by audition. Music teachers will post audition times at the beginning of the school year.
There are music teachers who give lessons either at their home or here at the school. Please contact these teachers directly if you are interested in scheduling lessons for your student.

Arla Clapp - Piano 301-236-4032;

Robert Martinez - Voice 301-221-1664;

Geri Mueller-Schuitemaker – 301-931-8674;

David Schneider - Guitar 301-785-4206;

Deb Thurlow – Voice 202-213-4166;

Beatriz Taylor - Piano 301-641-3661;

Various sports are offered at SAA to complement the academic and spiritual atmosphere of our school. Each sport will have its own tryout period in which team members will be selected to participate in the organized sport. Athletic eligibility reports will be run throughout the year to determine eligibility. All athletic teams are managed through the TeamSnap app. Please download the app for all sports related communication with coaches and the athletic department. Tryout times will be posted by flyers throughout the school and announced in The Buzz. Games for each sport are announced in The Buzz.

K-8 Junior-Acro

Contact Richard Reinhardt -

Cost $200/session Two 8 week sessions/semester

Middle School

Cost $100/sport (1st Sport is paid for in tuition)



Varsity Athletics

Cost $225/sport (1st Sport is paid for in tuition)

Men’s Baseball Men’s & Women’s Basketball

Co-ed Golf Men’s & Women’s Soccer

Gymnastics Women’s Softball

Men’s & Women’s Volleyball

SAA’s athletic director is Steve Pacheco. He can be contacted at

Each year a full musical drama production is produced for high school and occasionally middle school. A special interest meeting will be held shortly after the start of the school year with a synopsis of the characters given as well as an audition packet. Auditions will be announced and held after school.
Used uniforms are available throughout the year in SAA’s used uniform store. Inquire in the office. New uniforms can be ordered at any time during the school year by going to the School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger website On the Find Your School page, enter either our Partner School Code SPEN01 or search by school name and location. Select your student’s grade, gender and program type. For all customer service questions, please call 1-877-825-2860. Customer Service is available in English and Spanish. More detailed ordering instructions are available on the SAA website.
Used and new uniforms are available at the school for sale. Dress code violations are recorded in RenWeb (school information system.) Students receiving violations in excess of the weekly policy are prohibited from wearing jeans and SAA spirit wear on Friday and may also be prohibited from participating in after school extracurricular activities and practices.
The elementary school is on a 4 quarter system and the high school is on a semester system. At the end of every term a report card will be emailed. A parent can request a hard copy of that report card by return email. Hard copy report cards will be mailed out to all families at the end of the school year.
24 hours from the end of the school day when confiscated or 48 hours for the 2nd offense. Confiscated devices are turned in to the front office and can be retrieved from there. Phones for elementary/middle school students are to be kept in their locker or book bag.
Money is deposited in the student account in RenWeb. Lunch orders are placed in the morning by the teachers. The cost of a hot lunch is $5.00 for grades 5-12 and $4.50 for grades Pk-4. Students also have the option of purchasing additional ‘a la carte’ items, which have an additional cost. A lunch menu is emailed at the end of every week for the upcoming week.
Laptops issued to high school students during the first year of attendance are given to the students to keep and are therefore the responsibility of the student. Any necessary repairs are the responsibility of the family. In the year of issuance, the family has the option of purchasing an extended warranty for the laptop. If the laptop is damaged and the family has purchased the warranty, the school may assist in the process of submitting a claim to the warranty company.
Students are asked to apply starting their sophomore year. Students must meet all criteria to be admitted. National Honor admittance criteria is available in the high school handbook.